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Move-In Rules and Regulations

  1. Landlord, Tenant’s representative responsible for coordinating the move, and Tenant’s furniture installation company, delivery company, moving company and related vendors involved in the move shall meet no less than three (3) weeks prior to Tenant’s scheduled move-in date to coordinate times, establish methods of delivery and reserve use of the loading dock, service corridors, and elevators for the move.
  2. Tenant’s moving contractor will provide Landlord with a Certificate of Insurance evidencing coverage of Statutory Workmen’s Compensation and a minimum of $2 Million Combined Liability. The certificate must reflect the following information: All of the following Additional Insured and their respective Members, Partners, Officers, Directors and Shareholders must be listed on the additional insured endorsement page attached to your Certificate of Insurance; SRI Eleven 600 Peachtree Street LLC, Shorenstein Properties LLC, Shorenstein Realty Services, L.P, Shorenstein Management Inc. 
  3. All companies making deliveries in connection with the move are to adhere to the moving rules and regulations pertaining to the protection of the Demised Premises and the Project. All costs associated with adhering to such protection procedures shall be the responsibility of the Tenant and/or Tenant’s freight, moving or delivery company.
    • Protection should be installed the evening of or prior to the move and removed immediately upon completion; Tenant (or its moving company) is responsible for leaving the area in as clean a condition as it was prior to the move.
    • The Building floor covering must be protected with masonite or plywood along the prescribed route of movement through the Building, as outlined by Landlord.
    • The elevator lobbies, Building corridors and doors must be protected with cardboard, plywood or other materials pre-approved by Landlord.
    • The elevator cab walls and flooring must be protected with masonite, plywood or soft pads.
    • The movement of materials, furniture, etc. is limited only to those corridors stairwells, elevators and service areas designated by Landlord.
  4. A “Tenant Information Manual” will be delivered to Tenant prior to move-in.
  5. Tenant is required to hire a security officer to operate the freight elevator at a minimum of 4 hours at a time and billed back to the Tenant. This can be scheduled at the time of the freight elevator reservation.
  6. A pre-move walk-through is to be conducted immediately before the commencement of the move by Landlord, Tenant’s move coordinator and Tenant’s moving contractor supervisor to identify existing damage in common areas and corridors and to insure that areas to be used for transporting items are protected and padded according to Building regulations. If a pre-walk is not done, all damage is billed to tenant.
  7. The Demised Premises will be cleaned at Landlord’s expense in accordance with the cleaning specifications set forth in the Lease prior to the move (exclusive of extraordinary cleaning required due to leasehold improvements construction work and exclusive of the removal of construction debris) and upon Tenant’s request after the move is completed (exclusive of any extraordinary cleaning or the removal of moving boxes, etc.). Normal cleaning services will commence on the next scheduled Business Day. Tenant should instruct movers to remove all used and unpacked boxes from the Building, making arrangements for disposal other than using the waste facilities of the Building.
  8. It is the Tenant’s responsibility to notify Landlord of items to be moved which are unusually large or heavy (in excess of 3,500 pounds) or which may require review by Landlord. Dimensions and weight may prohibit the safe transport and placement within acceptable structural guidelines. Any large items that cannot be placed in the service elevator will require special hoisting arrangements which will be made through the Landlord. Tenant’s moving contractor should include in the bid price to the Tenant any additional charges required for extra services which may need to be provided by the elevator contractor to hoist large items.
  9. Access control personnel will be notified as to the move-in schedule and will monitor the progress of the move. Any changes in the move-in schedule must be reported to Landlord or Landlord’s representative immediately. An emergency phone number will be required by the access control personnel for the moving contractor’s onsite supervisor and for the Tenant’s onsite representative responsible for coordinating the move.
  10. Tenant’s moving company employees must be easily identifiable by wearing company shirts and name badges.
  11. Tenant’s moving company must adhere to the Building Rules and Regulations.
  12. After hours HVAC is available upon request. Tenant must request and identify specific time requirements for said service. Landlord or Landlord’s representative should be notified of any changes from the confirmed HVAC request.
  13. Landlord specifically reserves the right to modify any of these rules and regulations and to establish such additional reasonable rules and regulations as in its judgment shall from time-to-time by required for the safety, protection, care and cleanliness of the Building, the operation thereof, the preservation and good order therein or the protection and comfort of the other tenants of the Building and their agents, employees and guest; provided, however, Landlord agrees that any such modifications or additions to the foregoing rules and regulations shall not unreasonably diminish, limit or restrict Tenant’s rights, powers and privileges under the Lease or unreasonably impair Tenant’s enjoyment and use of or access to the Demised Premises.




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